Challenge: How do you dramatically raise awareness and trial of Kmart’s Free Shipping when the entire category offers the same service?

Solution: You find a provocative new way to spin old information. “Ship My Pants” delivered the consumer benefit with a catch phrase that became a trending hashtag and part of the country’s vernacular.

The video went viral within hours of its release and was featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America and CNN. “Ship My Pants” garnered over 30 million views, a billion free media impressions and thrust Kmart back to cultural relevance for the first time in decades. Kmart’s online shipping revenue saw an increase of 50%.

“Ship My Pants” won four Cannes Lions, an Effie, a Webby and was selected as one of YouTube’s “Top 20 Ads of the Past Decade.” The hashtag #ShipMyPants trended for months after its launch and aggregated a robust conversation on social media among celebrities, news anchors, radio DJ’s and people all over the world.


Over 30,000,000 views

1 Billion media impressions

Over 1 million shares on Facebook

50% increase in Kmart’s shipping revenue


The spot.

The Today Show featured segment.

Kathy Lee and Hoda put down their wine to laugh.

Good Morning America segment.

Keynote lecture by AM Marketing class.

Keynote lecture by AM Marketing class.

A linguist’s take.